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     During our 30+ years specializing in the financial aid process, we have watched the college aid process become overwhelmingly complex for parents. Nevertheless, by completing the forms accurately, on time and implementing appropriate strategies, your aid can still increase substantially.

     This is often true even for parents who think they are too wealthy to benefit!

     Our approach is to make college costs more reflective of what parents can afford, not what the colleges would like them to pay.

     Did you know that this year's HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES and JUNIORS are on the "Financial Aid Clock", and your 2014 tax return will likely be in play? You may need to do some things now to maximize your financial aid potential. Do not allow more time to pass in 2014 without learning how the Financial Aid System works.

College Funding Advisors, Inc.

      In 1983, Tom Brooks began offering a highly specialized service under the name College Funding Advisors, Inc. (CFA). His company teaches families how to maximize their eligibility for college financial aid. To help parents educate their children, Tom developed a number of strategies that could be used to make the financial aid formula reflect what the families could actually afford to pay, not what the colleges assumed they could pay. He then lectured on the subject throughout the Greater Boston area and eventually across the country. Most of CFA’s current employees are former clients who came to him and asked if they could share what they had learned with other parents. Over 30 years, it's estimated that more than 100,000 families have been able to use the strategies taught by Tom and his associates, many of which are described in the Maximize Your College Financial Aid e-book.​ 

      Prior to starting CFA, Tom taught at two universities and was a writer and senior editor of a national magazine for financial specialists.  He is the author of short stories and co-author of a philosophy book. He did his undergraduate degree at Stonehill College, his master's degree at the University of Maine, and his doctoral studies at Brandeis University.​

Meet the Author:  Thomas P. Brooks